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Monometallic driers for paintwork materials. Production and sale in Ukraine.

Monometallic driers for paintwork materials.

One of the principal paintwork materials components, which are hardened according to oxidative polymerization mechanism, are driers that affect nearly all basic properties of coatings. Drying rate, film hardness and elasticity, impact resistance and, to considerable extent, protective properties, depend on correct selection and amount of drier.

Driers on the mechanism of action are divided into two classes: primary (true) and auxiliary driers (promoters), which have activating effect on the primary driers. Promoters promote even drying of the coating thickness and increase stability of real driers. Real driers are salts of carboxylic acids, transition metals such as cobalt, manganese, lead, existing in two valent states; promoters include calcium, barium, zinc and zirconium. Mechanism of action of promoters is that being strong bases, they are more actively interact with carboxyl groups of alkyd oligoethers, except for the interaction with salts of metals belonging to the driers. At the same time it is believed that the ions Ca2 reduce activation energy of decomposition of hydroperoxides, i.e. both types of salts have important influence on the final properties of mixed driers.
Driers assortment is rather diverse these days, however as far as consumption is concerned, the leading position is currently being taken by the products based on 2-ethylhexanecarboxylic acid (2-EHC), which possess a number of advantages comparing to traditionally used for synthesis of driers synthetic fatty acids, petroleum acids, fatty acids of tall oil, and other carbon acids. The first of such advantages is stability of composition (commercial acid contains at least 99,5% of base matter) and color grade by Hasen 15 units at most, which permits to obtain concentrated driers of permanent composition with low color grade. This fact is of high importance for light shades paintwork materials, since even small amounts of 64P type melted driers considerably reduce film whiteness.

LLC “Arsenal Grupp” arranged production of light driers based on 2-ethylhexanoates in Ukraine. We produce 2-ethylhexanoates of monometals - Ņî, Ėn, Zn, Ņā, Âā, Li, Zr, Cu - in the form of solutions in organic solvents (TU U 24.3-32926424-008:2010 and TU U 24.3-32926424-007:2005). Table shows the list of produced monometallic driers and their description in brief.

Physicochemical properties of the product

Type Designation
ArdoS-01 Separately and with other driers to enhance desiccation of paintwork materials and form raised structure on film surface.
ArdoS-02 High-active catalytic agent for oxidative polymerization providing hardening of layer in-depth. Applied in combination with salts of cobalt, zinc and zirconium.
ArdoS-03 For improvement of pigments wetting and milling, better overflow of paintwork materials.
ArdoS-04 For stabilization of driers, improvement of wetting and dispersion of pigment pastes.
ArdoS-05 For paintwork materials where usage of lead compounds is not admissible, in combination with cobalt, manganese and calcium.
ArdoS-06 For paintwork materials based on alkyd and modified varnishes to accelerate desiccation in combination with cobalt and manganese.
ArdoS-07 For paintwork materials where usage of lead compounds is not admissible, in combination with cobalt, manganese and calcium.
ArdoS-08 For organic- and water-dispersed materials as an additive to enhance their resistance to damage caused by fungi and microorganisms.
ArdoS-09 For paintwork materials where usage of lead compounds is not admissible. Accelerates desiccation, especially at low temperatures.

Production and sale of monometallic driers for paintwork materials in Ukraine

Production of monometallic driers for paintwork materials in Ukraine is carried out on the basis of ŌU U 24.3-32926424-008:2010 and ŌU U 24.3-32926424-007:2005.

Sales of monometallic driers for paintwork materials are made from stock in Ukraine.
Products delivery to the customer is possible on contractual conditions.

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