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ArStab-ArdoS-04D disperser. Production and sale in Ukraine.

ArStab-ArdoS-04D disperser.

To improve processes of wetting and dispersing of pigments we offer product - calcium octoate ArdoS-04D (Ca2 + = 5.0%).

Presence of calcium octoate at the stage of dispersion reduces the process time and reduces adsorption on the particles of pigment of primary plasticizer (DOP, DINF, or DIDF), leading to increase in viscosity of plastisol. Calcium octoate acts firstly as disperser and secondly as substance, deactivating surface of pigments by adsorption and, thirdly, as substance having synergistic action with the primary stabilizer of PVC material (lower activation energy of decomposition of hydroperoxides).

Test results of dispergative properties of calcium octoate

Disperser of mark Ā Dispersibility of pigments, mcm, after dispersion within, min.
ArdoS-04D 10 20 30 60
70 45 25 10

The result from the aforementioned is that product tested has positive effect on dispersion speed.

Carrying out of comparative tests on the time of dispersion in the bead mill at obtaining of suspension of pigments and fillers in plasticizer without use of disperser and use of calcium octoate and soy lecithin as dispersers showed the following results:

  • dispersing of pigments in the initial period of time (15-20 min.) takes almost the same for all systems and depends, in our opinion, on dispersing equipment, and then you can see role of surface-active substances;
  • with calcium octoate pigment paste reaches degree of dispersion of 25 mcm within 30 min. since the beginning of dispersion and with lecithin - within 40-50 minutes. Without disperser dispersing time of suspension up to 25 microns was 65-70 min;
  • use of calcium octoate in the amount of 0.5-0.6 wp by weight on 100 wp of pigment part reduces time of dispersion of 30-50%;
  • synergism of action of calcium octoate with primary stabilizer is confirmed by rise of time of thermal stability of plastisols obtained by using of calcium octoate at the stage of dispersion.

Safety precautions:
Store in tightly closed container with polyethylene inserts.
Store in dry environment.
Keep off from fire.
Commonly used industrial means of protection and first aid.

The company provides technical support for the manufactured goods, bought directly at LLC “Arsenal Grupp”, as well as through our dealer net. Our specialists are ready to furnish detailed information on products and provide consultations, as well as promotional and laboratory specimens. We can make correction of formula of manufactured products according to customer demands, work out methods of usage thereof.

150 kg, 800 kg.

Production and sale of ArStab-ArdoS-04D in Ukraine.

Production of ArStab - ArdoS-04D disperser is carried out on the basis of TU U 24.1-32926424-010:2010.

Sales of ArStāb-ArdoS-04D disperser for PVŅ are made from stock in Ukraine. Products delivery to the customer is possible on contractual conditions.

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