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ArdoS-09M additives for production of drying oils and alkyd vanishes. Production and sale in Ukraine.

ArdoS-09M octoate drying additive catalyst of transetherification process

Octoate drying additive "ArdoS-09M" is used in manufacture of alkyd resins in the transetherification stage as a catalyst. Can significantly reduce duration and temperature of transetherification process compared with conventional catalysts (sodium), which indirectly leads to reduction in the duration of the second stage of synthesis of varnish base - polycondensation. Application of the product ArdoS-09M allows to get varnishes, which coloration is caused only by quality (coloration) of raw materials used.

Technical characteristics:

Parameter Norm
Appearance Pasty mass of yellow color. Shadow is possible.
Weight fraction of volatile substance, %, within 49,0 - 75,0
Compatibility with alkyd varnish No dimness and sediment. Opalescence is allowed.

* Consumption of 0,035-0,040 wp per 100 wp of oil. Download of product ArdoS-09M is made in the same manner as conventional catalysts. Recommendations about technological process of varnish PF-060 base synthesis with the catalyst produced by LLC "ARSENAL GROUP" are given below.
* For each type of product consumption of ArdoS-09M is determined empirically.

Safety precautions:
Store in tightly closed container with polyethylene inserts.
Store in dry environment, far from direct sun light.
Commonly used industrial means of protection and first aid.

The company provides technical support for the manufactured goods, bought directly at LLC “Arsenal Grupp”, as well as through our dealer net. Our specialists are ready to furnish detailed information on products and provide consultations, as well as promotional and laboratory specimens. We can make correction of formula of manufactured products according to customer demands, work out methods of usage thereof.

3 kg, 40 kg, 150 kg.

Technological process of synthesis of base varnish PF-060 with catalyst "ArdoS-09M"
manufactured by LLC "ARSENAL GRUPP"

The reactor is charged with oil (estimated amount), mixing is switched on and at working mixer calculated amount of pentaerythritol and catalyst of transetherification "ArdoS-09M" by calculation (0,035-0,04)% from weight of the loaded oil is loaded. Hatch in reactor is closed, current of inert gas is switched on and reaction mass is heated at the speed (1-3) °C per minute up to temperature of 260 °C. Upon reaching this temperature heating of reactor is switched off, reaction mass is cooled up to temperature of (180-190) °C and phthalic anhydride (calculated amount) is loaded.

Upon completion of phthalic anhydride loading temperature of reaction mass during (3-4) hours is raised up to (230-240) °C and at this temperature equalizing is made until the acid number of reaction mass is not more than 20mgKON/g. Upon reaching of satisfactory results sample is taken to determine \ viscosity of 53% solution of base in white spirit (or solvent system used for preparation of varnish). Viscosity of base solution must be in the range of (30-40) seconds under VZ-4 (at 20 °C). To speed up process viscosity increase the reaction mass can be heated up to (250-260) °C. Upon receipt of satisfactory results the reaction mass is cooled up to 140 °C and dissolution of base is carried out.

Production and sale of ArdoS-09M catalysts for paintwork materials in Ukraine

Production of ArdoS-09M catalysts for paintwork materials is carried in Ukraine.

Sales of ArdoS-09M are made from stock in Ukraine.
Products delivery to the customer is possible on contractual conditions.

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Additives for drying oils and alkyd vanishes

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