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ArdoS-03 and ArdoS-08 antiseptics for paintwork materials. Production and sale in Ukraine.

ArdoS-03 and ArdoS-08 antiseptics for paintwork materials.

Water-dispersed paintwork materials when storage and usage as base for coating are exposed to destruction under impact of mold fungi and bacteria. Microbial contamination takes place at the stage of dyes obtaining resulting from contamination of original raw material. Also, systems of raw material storage and feeding (pipelines and tanks) may become source of contamination. As a result of damage caused by microorganisms, rheological properties of paintwork materials are getting worse significantly: viscosity decreases (which is often accompanied by emission of gases of nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and formation of dense deposit), glaze impairs, coatings porosity enlarges. High standards, which are today required for quality and reliability of paintwork materials and coatings on their base, dictate necessity in input of biocides (antiseptics) into these materials.

Antiseptic preparations offered by the company may be used for protection of woodwork from damage of fungi and microorganisms. Coating containing ArdoS-08 in the amount of 0,05% or ArdoS-03 in the amount of 0,15% per active material, has good fungus-resistant and microbial-resistant properties.

These preparations may be used in paintwork materials based on alkyd, nitrocellulose, acryl resins, as well as vinyl acetate dispersions, as an additive (in the amount up to 1%) improving their resistance to damage caused by fungi and microorganisms.

Physicochemical properties of the product

Name of parameter and unit of measurement Norm
ArdoS-03 zinc octoate ArdoS-08 copper octoate
(TU U 24.3-32926424-007:2005) (TU U 24.3-32926424-008:2010)
mark Ā mark  mark Ā mark Â
Appearance Transparent homogeneous mass without sediment and foreign impurity
Weight fraction of non-volatile substances, %, at most 15.0-30.0 31.0-59.0 5.0-17.0 19.0-39.0

The company provides technical support for the manufactured goods, bought directly at LLC “Arsenal Grupp”, as well as through our dealer net. Our specialists are ready to furnish detailed information on products and provide consultations, as well as promotional and laboratory specimens. We can make correction of formula of manufactured products according to customer demands, work out methods of usage thereof.

Safety precautions:
Store in tightly closed container with polyethylene inserts.
Store in dry environment.
Keep off from fire.
Commonly used industrial means of protection and first aid.

40 kg, 150 kg, 800 kg.

Production and sale of antiseptic for paintwork materials in Ukraine

Production of ArdoS-03 and ArdoS-08 antiseptics for paintwork materials is carried out in Ukraine on the basis of TU U 24.3-32926424-007:2005 č TU U 24.3-32926424-008:2010.

Sales of ArdoS-03 and ArdoS-08 antiseptics for paintwork materials are made from stock in Ukraine.
Products delivery to the customer is possible on contractual conditions.

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