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ArOxime anti-film product. Production and sale in Ukraine.

ArOxime anti-film product for paintwork materials.

ArOxime anti-film product is an oxime solution in organic solvent.

ArOxime-A and ArOxime-B anti-film products are blended output forms of methyl ethyl ketone oximes and butyl aldehyde, and also solution of cyclohexanone oxime in oximes of methyl ethyl ketone and butyl aldehyde.

These products are used as additives to paintwork and polymer materials in production thereof in order to prevent formation of surface film while storage of materials. When the products are added, parameters and specifications of paintwork and polymer materials remain within the limits of materials normative documentation requirements. The product may be included into composition of paintwork materials both when typing and adding them to finished products.

Physicochemical properties of the product

Name of parameter and unit of measurement Norm
  ArOxime ArOxime-Ā ArOxime-B
1. Appearance Homogeneous clear liquid. Shading & opalescence are permissible.
2. Weight fraction of base matter, %, within 29,0-35,0 90,0-99,5 50,0-60,0
3. Density at 20°Ņ, g/cm3, within 0,885-0,907 0,915-0,930 0,881-0,901
4. Color by iodimetric scale mg J2/100 cm3, at most 7 7 9
5. Compatibility with semi finished alkyd varnish Without clouding and formation of deposit. Opalescence is permissible.

ArOxime consumption rate makes 0,4-0,8 wp per 100 wp of enamel, primer.

For each separate type of products, consumption of anti-film product is determined in practical consideration, since its high concentration increases coating hardening time.

Safety precautions:
Store in tightly closed container with polyethylene inserts.
Store in dry environment.
Keep off from fire.
Commonly used industrial means of protection and first aid.

The company provides technical support for the manufactured goods. Our specialists are ready to furnish detailed information on products and provide consultations, as well as promotional and laboratory specimens. To improve quality of produced paintwork goods, ARSENAL GRUPP performs selection of formulas of blended driers and their optimal consumption rate, both separately and in combination with the disperser and anti-film product.

40 kg, 190 kg, 800 kg.

Production and sale of ArOxime anti-film product in Ukraine.

Production of ArOxime anti-film product in Ukraine is carried out on the basis of TU U 24.3-32926424-007:2010.

Sales of ArOxime anti-film product are made from stock in Ukraine.
Products delivery to the customer is possible on contractual conditions.

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Additives for drying oils and alkyd vanishes

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