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Complex stabilizers for PVC ĀrStab ĘZ-317. Production and sale in Ukraine.

Calcium-zinc stabilizer ĀrStab ĘZ-317

For materials having contact with food products and, in general, goods, physiologically safe, we recommend composition ArStab-KZ-317.

Use of calcium-zinc stabilizers in the construction extruded PVC profiles began more than 20 years ago. Application of such calcium-zinc thermal stabilizers allows to produce PVC - profiles (both rigid and plasticized) the most widely used with good mechanical, dielectric, organoleptic properties and with good weather resistance. In addition application of a stabilizer in combination with the product "ArStab 1701" (epoxy soybean oil) improves heat resistance. Depending on technology of processing and filler content, need to use additional lubricants is omitted or is significantly reduced.

Physicochemical properties of the product

Name of parameter and unit of measurement Values for ArStab stabilizer
1. Appearance Homogeneous mass of color range from white to daffodil free of mechanical impurities.
2. Mass fraction of volatiles, %, not more 3,0
3. Heat stability of PVC blend with stabilizer, min, at least 40
4. Stabilizer density at temperature of 20°C, g/cm3, within -

Melting temperature:
- 101 +/ - 5 °Ņ.

Consumption (per 100 wp of PVC) - 2- 5,5 wp

It is recommended for manufacture of wall panels, gravity pipes, electrical conduit and other profiles.
Preparation of PVC-compositions in high-speed mixer.
To obtain well homogenized mixture with application of of "ArStab KZ-317" final temperature of mixing in hot mixer should not be below 110 °C.

Safety precautions:
Store in tightly closed container with polyethylene inserts.
Keep off from fire.
Commonly used industrial means of protection and first aid.

The company provides technical support for the manufactured goods, bought directly at LLC “Arsenal Grupp”, as well as through our dealer net. Our specialists are ready to furnish detailed information on products and provide consultations, as well as promotional and laboratory specimens. We can make correction of formula of manufactured products according to customer demands, work out methods of usage thereof.

180 kg, 1000 kg


Complex stabilizers for PVC ĀrStab ĘZ-317 production and sale in Ukraine

Production of ArStab-KZ-317 stabilizers for PVC is carried out on the basis of TU U 24.1-32926424-010:2010.

Sale of ArStab-KZ-317 stabilizers for PVC is made from stock in Ukraine.
Products delivery to the customer is possible on contractual conditions.

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