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ARSENAL GRUPP LLC was established by the team of experts in the field of PVC and paintwork chemistry.

All products are output using own equipment under stringent quality control. Such approach to production ensures quality of goods on the highest level of world standards.

The company pays specific attention to human resources staffing. All specialists involved into production process possess appropriate knowledge and experience, and are regularly trained as for new achievements of the industry. Such instructional advice is given by licensed experts who are dealing with improvement development of chemical technologies for PVC and paintwork materials production.
If your company becomes our customer, you are within the right to rely, in addition to products delivery, upon:

  • getting of pilot samples of our products;
  • skilled advisory support relating to production implementation;
  • considerable cost-saving in production of PVC and paintwork materials;
  • quality upgrading and, accordingly, image improvement for your brand.

Antistatic agents for PVC
Additives for drying oils and alkyd vanishes

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e-mail: info@arsenalgrupp.com
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