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Chemical additives and dopes for PVC and paintwork materials. Production and sale in Ukraine.

Heat stabilizers for PVC

In PVC processing an important role is performed by heat stabilizers - additives that stabilize both hard and plasticized PVC-blends when conversion into film materials and imitation leathers.
Details >>> Complex stabilizers of various marks

Stabilizer of ArStab-CZ mark is used in processing PVC to physiologically safe film materials. In addition, application of stabilizer in combination with ArStab-1701 product promotes enhancement of heat stabilizing effect. Depending on processing technique, necessity in use of additional lubricants may be omitted.
Details >>> ArStab-CZ complex stabilizer
Details >>> ArStab-CZ-317 complex stabilizer

ArStab-1701 stabilizer is applied as a stabilizing-plasticizing agent of polyvinyl chloride as well as other chlorine-containing polymers.
Details >>> ArStab-1701 complex stabilizer

ArStab-1702 stabilizer represents a product of interaction between unsaturated glycerides with antioxidants. Stabilizer is applied as a stabilizing-plasticizing agent for polyvinylchloride as well as other chlorine-containing polymers.
Details >>> ArStab-1702 complex stabilizer

Stabilizer "ArStab-BKS-301" is a mixture of barium, calcium and lead salts of 2-ethylhexanoic acid and stearic acid.
Details >>> "ArStab-BKS-301 complex stabilizer

Fire retardant for PVC

Composite plasticizer - fire retardant ArStab-820 represents a compound of phosphor-, halogen-containing plasticizers. Given article is used in PVC blends and attaches low-inflammability properties to products.
Details >>> ArStab-820 plasticizer fire retardant

Composite plasticizer for PVC

Composite plasticizers "ArPlast" representing a composite product consisting of stabilizer "ArStab-1701" and mixture of alkenes, unsaturated ethers of S18-S22, aliphatic and cyclo paraffinic hydrocarbons.
Details >>> ArPlast composite plasticizer

Viscosity modifier for PVC

Ardo-M products (viscosity modifiers) are applied as melt viscosity modifiers in production of hard and plasticized filled PVC blends.
Details >>> Ardo-M modifier-plasticizer

Modifier "Ardo-3560M" (glycerol monooleate) is used as an internal lubricant in the manufacture of transparent extrusion - blown PVC films and in the manufacture of PVC compounds.
Details >>> Ardo-3560M Product-modifier

Modifier "Ardo-3580M" (glycerol monostearate) is used as an internal lubricant in PVC blends, an emulsifying agent for oils, waxes and solvents in the manufacture of masterbatch additives for polyolefins.
Details >>> Product-Ardo-3580M modifier

Modifier "Ardo-2710" is intended for use in the processing of polyethylene of high and low density, as well as polypropylene.
Details >>> Product-Ardo-2710 modifier

Modifier "Ardo-2730" (steramid) is intended for use as an additive in antilock processing of polyolefin polymers.
Details >>> Product-Ardo-2730 modifier

Antistatic agents for PVC

Antistatic additives are used for processing of PVC in products, reducing probability of accumulation of static charge on the surface and internal structure of the polymer.
Details >>> ArsStat Antistatic agents

Additives for paintwork materials

Production of modern paintwork materials (alkyd paints, enamels, varnishes, oil paints, etc.) is impossible without additives - special additives, whose introduction in small amounts (0.1-10%) significantly improves product quality.

The most important are:


Antiseptics (biocides) - substances that increase resistance of paintwork materials and coatings based on them to the action of microorganisms. We offer antiseptic preparations based on copper 2-ethylhexanoate ("ArdoS-08") and zinc ("ArdoS-03").
When the products are added, parameters and specifications of paintwork and polymer materials remain within the limits of materials' normative documentation requirements. The product may be included into composition of paintwork materials both when typing and adding to finished items.
Details >>> ArdoS-03, ArdoS-08 preservatives

Driers for paintwork materials

Driers - salts of organic acids, which have significant impact on all basic properties of paintwork materials: drying speed, hardness and elasticity of film, impact strength, resistance to adverse factors.
We offer a wide range of high quality dryers based on 2-ethylhexanoic acid:
- Monometallic - 2-ethylhexanoate cobalt, manganese, zinc, calcium, barium, lithium, zirconium, copper (produced under trademark Octoate drying additive "ArdoS");
- Polymetallic (produced under trademark "Octoate drying mixing additive "PolyAr").
Details >>> Monometallic driers for paintwork materials
Details >>> Polymetallic driers for paintwork materials


Dispersers - additives that improve process of paintwork material dispersion, that reduce viscosity, eliminating sedimentation and syneresis of pigments and fillers. The best disperser properties has product "Octoate drying additive "ArdoS-04"on the basis of calcium 2-ethylhexanoate.
Details >>> ArdoS-04 disperser

ArStab-ArdoS-04D disperser is applied to improve pigments wetting and dispersion processes.
Details >>> ArStab-ArdoS-04D disperser

Anti-film product

Anti-film products - additives that prevent formation of surface films during paintwork materials storage in containers. We produce highly effective anti-film product "ArOksim" on the basis of cyclohexanone oxime.
Products are applied as additives to paintwork and polymer materials in production thereof with the purpose to prevent formation of surface film during storage of materials. When the products are added, parameters and specifications of paintwork and polymer materials remain within the limits of materials' normative documentation requirements. The product may be included into composition of paintwork materials both when typing and adding to finished production items.
Details >>> ArOxime anti-film product

Additives for production of drying oils and alkyd varnishes

For the production of alkyd varnishes and drying oils LLC ARSENAL GRUPP" offers the following additives:
- Catalyst of the transetherification process for synthesis of alkyd varnishes ("Octoate drying additive "ArdoS-09M")
Details >>> Catalyst ArdoS-09M

- Catalysts of oxidation processes of vegetable oils ("Octoate drying additive ArdoS-01M "and "Octoate drying mixing additive "PolyAr-1.5M").
Details >>> ArdoS-01M, PolyAr-1.5M Catalyst

Antistatic agents for PVC
Additives for drying oils and alkyd vanishes

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